You know you could publish that book--if only you could find the time, if only the publishing world weren't such an insider's job, if only you knew what the heck agents are looking for.  

Want to know how to turn that frustration into publication?

You know your ideas are better than most of what you’ve seen published out there-- yet you stare at the blank page, struggle to find the time to write, and then wrestle with self-doubt, wondering whether anything you’ve written is worth putting out into the world. 

The truth is, this kind of self-doubt, procrastination and time-wasting is not getting you any closer to publication because it’s not getting you any closer to completing a manuscript.  

And no agent I know is interested in a concept for a novel. S/he wants a complete manuscript in order to even consider your novel for publication.  

Here’s the thing: publishers are looking for quality, finished manuscripts.  

The faster you can churn out a high-quality one, the faster you can publish.  

Publishers are waiting for innovative concepts like yours.  

It’s time you learned how to be the writer publishers are looking for. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming either. 

The answer is to create a regular writing habit, one where you can approach the narrative arc with confidence--confidence in your skills, but also confidence that you’re writing to industry standards to create a publishable, salable piece.  

You do want your book to end up in the hands of readers, don’t you?  

Imagine what your life would be like if you could meet your word count goals daily--exceed them, even-- all while knowing what you do well as a writer (rather than constantly being red-penned.)  

Imagine the satisfaction of completing a manuscript that meets industry standards.  

But how do you know their standards and then meet those criteria? 


The Writing Gym

The Writing Gym is a one-of-a-kind resource that walks you through the steps to become a successful author. 

The VIP membership helps writers toward manuscript completion in 8 weeks. VIP members find the time to write, thrive in their writing, and build the confidence to submit a manuscript that they know meets industry standards. Writing Gym VIP members have gone on to submit and publish time and time again.  

We want to help PUMP your writing into shape and show you how to stay in shape through a regular writing habit that can lead to multiple-publishing success.

The Writing Gym is right for you if: 

You’ve started a manuscript. Then stopped. Then started.

You have an idea for a book, but you’re not sure how to get it out.  

You’ve read books on craft, or attended workshops, but no one showed you how to apply those concepts to your own writing.  

You take craft seriously without taking yourself too seriously.

You have a passion for writing, but aren’t sure about the technical aspects, and all that jargon.

You’ve felt frustrated breaking through, feeling like an outsider, or like you couldn’t get your hands on the information you needed to reach your potential.

Just Imagine:

Finally knowing the right steps to avoid the frustration of trial by error

Moving from rejection slips to announcing publication and inviting friends to book signings 

100% practical, usable content

Asking a professional all of your questions about how to… and when to… and why to… specific to your manuscript 

Having the support you need to find the time to write and exceed your word count goals

Getting feedback on your manuscript from industry professionals, and overcoming the fear and writing in flow  

If you’re a writer aspiring to improve your craft and publish, the Writing Gym just might be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.  

What would happen if you could have inside access to best-selling authors, top agents, and prominent publishers?  

You can learn at your own speed and access the vast library of resources--even in your pajamas! We feature interviews and tips from top-level industry professionals so you get it straight from the horse’s mouth.  

Each module will guide you through powerful transformation in your writing, and walk you through a step-by-step process that moves your manuscript through completion.  

Every week you meet with your writing coach and your personal trainer to get individualized coaching, to ask your questions, and to get targeted feedback on your writing.  

You’ve got questions and resident Writing Gym coach Annalisa Parent has answers. What does “show, don’t tell” really mean? How do I balance tension in my writing? How do I approach major revisions after a first draft?  

Each module will guide you through powerful transformation in your writing. You'll get support on your writing project to bring it to PUBLISHABLE standards, and finally find time to get that writing project DONE!

Now, look, the Writing Gym isn't for everyone. 

We only work with writers who are serious about publishing at the hightest level possible. For most of our authors that means traditional publishing, and for many of our authors, it means shooting for the Big 5. We do work with self-publishing authors who are committed to high-level work. 

We work with writers who have a STRONG desire to be the VERY BEST writer they can be, and who approach their craft with love and care.

Writing Gym VIP members take the writing craft seriously without taking themselves too seriously--because, dang it, we also have a darned good time over in The Writing Gym.

If that sounds like you, and you're ready to take the next step, please apply. You'll speak to our team to ensure it's the right fit, and if accepted, you'll be asked to submit pages. 

See what our members say:

The Writing-Gym has offered an incredible hands-on approach to my current writing project. It has helped me to see the holes in what I have been working on, and has truly allowed me to work towards a finished product. In the past I have had an issue with having the momentum and support to keep plugging away at my writing, but with the Writing-Gym I feel like I finally have a chance at getting something completed, and may even published. Thank you Annalisa for creating such an incredible website and online experience!

-Emily, NY